TMW Enterprises specializes in building electronic and avionic(aviation electronic) test equipment that are specific to a customer’s requirement. The testing of aircraft equipment has become more complicated than in the past. In years past, the average repair station can build the majority of their test equipment. This equipment being primarily mock-up boxes wired exactly as in the aircraft applying aircraft power with some test jacks to monitor the inputs and outputs and to input signals. Today’s avionics are digitally controlled and require specialized test equipment to control them and to monitor their outputs. Much of this equipment can only be obtained from the original equipment manufacturer. Since this test equipment has some or many printed circuit boards, building them is beyond the capability of most repair stations. Using OrCAD Capture and PCB Designer software the printed circuit boards are designed and manufactured. The front panels are designed on a CAD/CAM program and manufactured on a CNC machine. Various panel configurations with color selections and text sizes/fonts are possible to satisfy customer’s desires, such as incorporating the company logos on the panel. The equipment is completed at the facility in Signal Hill, California. The process involves much input from the customer. When the project is completed it is delivered to the customer and its use is demonstrated and verified at their facility.

Another capability involving printed circuit boards is the re-design or reverse engineering of them. For instance, if you have a piece of equipment that has a burnt, damaged, or even a missing circuit board and is not stocked anywhere, it is unavailable from the manufacturer because they no longer support the product, or they are out-of-business, we can reverse engineer the circuit board and have one manufactured identical to the original one. As long as the schematic and certain information are available and the components can be sourced, this can be accomplished for most boards. Another item built for customers were extender circuit boards which bring a board out of the unit under test. This allows a technician to have access to the circuit board for troubleshooting.